Boat plans are easier than you think

Don’t tackle trying to build a pontoon boat without the right pontoon boat plans. Though you might think because it is a flat boat, without a lot of frills – you can build it without a detailed set of instructions – don’t go there.


A pontoon boat is a popular design because so many people can be on it at one time. And because of its flat design it is an easy boat to build if you have the right design plans. A do-it-yourself pontoon boat can be in your future if you want to try it!


boatsBe sure to take a close look at the plan you choose before you start. Be realistic about your skill level and the expertise required to build the one you want. Just like you might build a shed but not a two-story house, take into account the complexity of the plans you have chosen.


Pontoon boat plans available through online packages are easy to follow. With a complete materials list and details on how to perform each step, you will find yourself enjoying the project.


The final reward, when it’s on the water –




Just take care to do it exactly as the pontoon boat plans lay out the construction processes. If there is a shortcut or a trick to changing the plans, the package will explain it to you. Don’t try to hurry through the project.


Add the specific things you want to see on your boat to your materials list, make sure that the plans allow for these accommodations. For example, if you want bench seats around three sides, the plans you choose should show these as optional. Don’t try to tweak your plans more than is reasonable. There are barge-type plans that will let you add loads of storage and on-deck amenities. Look for the plan that fits what you envision.


Enjoy your project and your time on the water. A pontoon boat is a very popular design for good reason. It lets you do so many things from one platform.


The cylindrical floats are made of closed items like barrels or pipes that are of many different materials. These are the supports of your pontoon boat and will be made to measure based upon the deck. Usually these cylinders are filled with foam, not just air, in order to withstand a puncture – getting you safely back to shore. All pontoon boat plans will tell you the appropriate materials and sizes for the pontoons for your specific plan.


Follow the plan and you will be dancing on the deck of your pontoon boat soon!


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