Boat covers – an important consideration

All pontoon boats are a specific design. A deck is built on top of two cylindrical pontoons. The purpose of the pontoon boat determines the sizes of the pontoons and deck. The plan is for the boat to be extremely lightweight but very sturdy so that it can have anywhere from 6 – 17 passengers plus the equipment that is needed for the particular trip. There are railings around the flat boat to help prevent people, especially children, from going overboard.


boat covers
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You can have a lot of customizations for your pontoon boat. From built-in seating to lawn furniture, pontoons are very versatile. A cover of canvas will be a welcome protection from the strong sun while on the water. This will allow you to stay out longer and enjoy the boat without worrying about getting sunburned. Since there is no cover unless you add a cover, you will be completely out in the sun without one.


If you want to, you can even use a topper from a camper truck on the flat boat. By using one of these, you can sleep on the pontoon if you want to. If you are going to use it for extended periods of time, check out commercially made pontoon boat covers and you will not have to worry about the sun at all.


There are many ways to cover your boat. From retractable awnings that are custom made for your pontoon, to a makeshift tarp that you take along just in case you want some shade, options are as diverse as the boats amenities. Some boats have onboard bathrooms, storage, livewells for fisherman…whatever you want, you can include in your own boat.


Once you decide what size pontoon boat you want, considering of course, the purpose for owning one, you can select from many manufactured pontoon boat covers. Some are installed permanently while others will retract or can be removed altogether.


No matter what you decide, you will enjoy your boat… along with many of your friends!





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  1. The better the fit of the cover, the better the cover travels, providing greater protection for your boat. We recommend light colors such as Haze Gray and Beige to best deflect the sun, keeping the interior of your boat as cool as possible.

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