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Plans4Boats, is a set of boat plans for loads of different kinds of boats. The package was created by Daniel Holden and is one of the most popular downloadable boat plans packages you can buy.



Review: What is Plans4Boats?


Daniel Holden, a master boat builder from Denmark has been building boats for over 20 years. His package has over 250 plans for boats, from row boats to sail boats to those that will accept a motor for power.

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His parts lists are all-inclusive, so that you will only need to make one trip to pick up everything you need in order to build your boat.



Is It Different Than Other Packages?


First: There are clear step-by-step instructions. Once you choose the boat you want to build, all you have to do is buy the items in the materials list and start following the directions. Each of the plans have quick tips and tricks to make each step easier as you move through the project.


Second: He has over 250 plans in his package. With this big database of designs, you will be able to find the boat that you want to build yourself. Blown up pictures and diagrams will make it easy to choose one, and fun to build. There are many kinds of boats in his package: houseboats, sailboats, pontoons, catamarans, canoes, kayaks – pretty much any kind of boat you can think of!


You do need to remember that since it is a big database, it does take some time to download the package. But I found that it was worth this little inconvenience.



Are There Freebie Bonuses?


Daniel Holden includes great bonus packages to help you get your project underway. The Boat Builders Handbook is a great place to start; you will find it an extremely useful resource! He also includes 3D Boat Design Software that lets you to see precisely what your boat will look like when it’s done.



Online Availability


The designs are available for download right away, as soon as you make your purchase, anytime day or night. You won’t find yourself waiting for the post office to deliver your plans. Unless you want to, you will have the option of getting DVD copies of the plans instead of a download, although this will cost you a few dollars more.





Daniel gives you a 60 day money-back guarantee. This no-hassle guarantee is the best in the industry. Review the plans, take a good look and if you decide that they are not for you, get your money back.


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