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My Boat Plans has loads of great plans on how to build wooden boats of all kinds. From row boats, canoes, houseboats, yachts, and – pontoon boat plans – over 500 different boat plans are available in the one package.


Is it real or is it hype?


I can tell you, My Boat Plans is the real deal. No matter why you want to build a boat, for fishing or relaxing, the plans in this download package will get you on the water.


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These plans are step-by-step  designs, with specific materials lists for small wood boats, dorys, sail boats, fishing boats, ruanbouts, pontoons – with over 500, you are destined to find the one that excites you!


There are many sets of boat plans, in magazines and all over the internet, but the technical knowledge and skill required turned out to be way above my pay grade. You might be facing the same issue. You may find the best boat, but the convoluted plans will leave you with a half-done boat that you don’t think you will ever finish. Sadly, some of these plans just don’t have instructions that someone like you or me can handle.


Taking a look at Martin Reid’s My Boat Plans will take you from the concept to an actual boat you can build. No doubt. Instead of starting out with a plan that you can’t possibly finish, you will have the boat you built on the water, casting a line and catching trout (or whatever fish you like) in a matter of no time at all. Well, yes, it will take time. But, depending on whether you are retired or only working on it on weekends, you will be get your boat built.


The easy-to-follow directions and complete list of needed materials will take you through the process from start to finish with no issues that make you stop and wish you had not started the project at all.


Go with My Boat Plans – it’s no hype. You will love the boat you build.


You might even decide to build another boat.


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