Master boat builder’s plans for you

An expert boat builder, Martin Reid, has plans that will let you build your own pontoon boat.


Martin says that you consider many things before you start a project like this:


First: Why Do You Want to Build a Pontoon Boat?


Martin Reid
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Do you just like the style of the flat-bottom boat over all other plans? Do you want to go out on the water with a big group of friends most of the time? A pontoon boat gives you the opportunity to have lots of friends on board, depending on the size of boat you build, of course. Answering this will help you make a decision on the size you want to build.


Second: What is Your Budget?


There are many boat plans in Martin Reid’s package, several different pontoons. The one you select needs to be within your budget or you will find yourself short on funds before you are done. Do your homework!


Third: Where Will You Be Boating?


The size of your boat may determine where you can use it. If you are going to be on the ocean, it will need to be large enough to manage ocean waves. Keep your goals in mind as you make your decisions.


Fourth: Where Will You Build the Boat?


Be sure you have enough room where you want to build it. You will have to store materials in one area and then build it in another, don’t guess at this. Get out your measuring tape and make sure you have allowed room to build, stand, and work on the boat.


Fifth: Getting to the Water


How are you moving it? Are you close enough to the water to put it on a trailer and take it yourself or should you maybe build it nearer to the marina where you are going to keep the pontoon boat?

With over 500 in the My Boat Plans package, you are sure to find a plan you like, whether it turns out to be pontoon boat plans or something else.



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