Inflatable Pontoon Boats and Fishing


 Inflatable Pontoon Boats and Fishing

inflatable pontoon boatsMany people find that inflatable pontoon boats are popular choices for trout fishing in rivers, streams and lakes. Compared to wading, inflatable fishing boats give you greater mobility allowing you to more easily find the right fishing location.

Pontoon boats are lightweight and easy to transport, but provide greater stability and are higher off the water than a kayak. A pontoon is located on each side of the boat connected together by a frame that contains the anglers seats. The boat is paddled in a manner similar to a kayak.

While the rather narrow kayak is easy to roll over, the wider inflatable pontoon boat is comparatively stable while still easy to move along the water. Pontoon boats may have inflatable or solid bladder pontoons. The V-shape of the hull allows you to easily manouver the boat through reeds or around logs or branches protruding above the water.

Inflatable pontoon fishing boats are also rather spacious when compared to a kayak, while much lighter and less cumbersome than a rowboat. The extra room comes in handy especially if there is more than one angler on the boat.

One advantage of these fishing boats is that many are stable enough to stand up on while fishing. When fishing this can be very useful as it allows you see fish swimming or feeding near the surface. In a kayak, your lower position above the water limits your visibility while fishing. Many trout fishing areas require that anglers cover miles of fishing ground before finding the right spot where the fish are biting. For waders this can be difficult or impossible. A pontoon fishing boat provides the perfect solution in such cases.

The inflatable pontoon boat is made for portability. The inflatable version will fit into most vehicle trunks while the solid bladder boat can be placed in the back of a pickup truck. Both the inflatable and the solid bladder pontoon boat are light enough for a single angler to carry them without difficulty.

Pontoon fishing boats are designed for ruggedness including the ability to handle white water. Indeed, most pontoon boats are safe for Class III white-water while some can even handle Class IV white-water. So these are perfectly capable of handling the rugged challenges of trout fishing in rivers.

Many pontoon boats are specifically designed for trout fishing and have built-in compartments that allow the angler to efficiently store their fishing rods and reels, tackle, nets, and other equipment.

Learning to maneuver your personal pontoon boat is relatively easy. The paddling frames are designed to maximize the efficiency of your strokes. Once you have mastered the paddling technique, you should have no problems reaching even the most difficult fishing holes.

Choosing between an inflatable and solid pontoon boat will depend on your specific circumstances. For example, does your vehicle have enough space for a solid boat? The inflatable boats are smaller, but also take more time to set up since you will have to inflate the pontoons. Although ruggedly designed, the inflatable pontoons can lose air when punctured unlike the solid boats. On the other hand, a punctured inflatable pontoon is relatively easy to patch up.

A pontoon boat is perfectly designed to provide anglers with a dependable means of getting to the best fishing spots. In this way, they can get the most out their precious fishing time. As these boats are specifically designed for fishing, they provide many conveniences from lure compartments to cup holders that will make for a more pleasant trout fishing experience. The pontoon fishing boat comes in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet most anglers’ requirements.





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