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Daniel Holden is a master boat builder from Denmark. For over 20 years, he has been building boats. Whether you want to build a small boat, a pontoon boat or a complex houseboat, you will find the plans in this package. Daniel Holden has not only built them, but he laid out plans and designs that anyone can follow.


As a homeowner and weekend woodworker, you will be able to take his plans from concept to finished product by following his designs.

Daniel Holden
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Though Daniel sells his plans package, he is giving back something to the boating community by providing the plans and materials lists to his boats in detail. He could just hire carpenters to build boats for customers, charging them an exorbitant fee for a great boat, instead of offering his designs and plans to everyday folks like you and me who want to build their own boat.


There are over 250 different plans that the regular-Joe, weekend woodworker can tackle successfully. It’s difficult to find anything better than this. He doesn’t withhold important information, no half way plans or items lists that leave out critical requirements – Daniel Holden gives you everything you need in his plans and directions.


Just go step-by-step and you will build a boat to be proud of.


Daniel brings the clearest designs to the average homeowner. He provides the boat plans that anyone can follow along. Clean and concise sketches and calculations will all make it easy for you to take your materials from the pile in the garage floor and turn it into a great looking boat.


You can be floating on our own pontoon boat soon, thanks to Daniel.        


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