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Choosing the boat seats color is not that hard. But because we want to have fun, we’ll put a little spice the way the right color is to be chosen. Below are suggestions for pontoon boat seats that I can’t just afford not to give.

Choose your favorite color. When someone likes blue, then it is to be expected that the seats he/ she will order will be blue or have streaks of blue on it. This is perhaps the most common thing. In fact, this is the one that many follow in choosing the right dress, the right shirt, and just about anything. There is nothing wrong with this. But if you really want a little challenge, then you should read on for more of my suggestions.

Draw the lot! Let fate decide for you! To do this, make a list of the colors that you like the least. Write each one of them on a small piece of paper, fold it, mix them together in a jar, and let someone pick one from them. Whatever is written in the chosen paper should be the color of your boat seats. No, this is not to create something that will irritate you or destroy your boating experience. This is just to make you like the color that you dislike. It’s not wise to be very picky you know.

Psychologists have this thing called habituation which is defined as the lessening appeal a stimulus has as it is repeated. If you hate pink now, time will come that pink won’t irritate you anymore, you won’t even notice it. If you’re a man, this should be good because a lot of girls love pink. It will be easier to ‘attack!’ I know you know what I mean! Boat seats will be with you for a long time – choose the color and style wisely. Although, if push comes to shove, you could always get some pontoon boat seat covers…. if that is the direction you want to go. (Of course, there are also some used boat seats ebay for you to choose from.)

Match someone else’s eyes. No, this is not exclusively about romance anymore. The ‘someone else’ I’m referring to is not just a member of the opposite sex that you may like. This someone else could be your own son or daughter that will surely ride you and seat on those pontoon seats of yours. With their favorite color on the seats, their boating experience will really become a more enjoyable one.

Now that you know how to make fun out of something so mundane such as choosing the right color for your boat seats, please make use of it. It won’t hurt that bad if you strive to enjoy every second of your days. Life is too short so make everything fun for as long as you can and as often as you can.


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