The Best Pontoon Accessories to Have


The Best Pontoon Accessories to Have

By Max K Fisher

There are many different boat accessories or pontoon accessories you can choose to have for your special pontoon boating outings. If fishing is your game, fishing rod holders sure come in handy when your guests want to take a break to grab a snack or relax to play some cards while fishing. Even better a fish finder can increase your chance a great deal if you’re serious about finding the big fish. And if you’re really serious about your fishing, fishing chairs that swivel make tackling the big one a whole lot easier. Other pontoon fishing accessories include live wells to keep your catch fresh, bait stations with running water for those who are sticklers for keeping things clean and neat.

atmosphere lights

Another area of pontoon accessories is pontoon lights. Pontoon navigation lights are standard but a great pontoon accessory is atmosphere lights. These are small lights that mount on the lower edge of your pontoon seats. They provide subtle illumination of the pontoon floor areas in a glowing manner which gives your pontoon a totally different look and feel for night time activities. Not only do they make your pontoon easier for everyone on board to move around safely but also give your pontoon more of a festive atmosphere. Other types of pontoon atmosphere lighting are LED strip lights or rope lights. These can be mounting along the lower parts or the rail and outline your pontoon perimeter with a soft warm glowing illumination. Having atmosphere pontoon lights can also really help during nighttime fishing.

The pontoon accessories I like the most are the water sports accessories such as wake boards, knee boards and water tubes. Most pontoons these days have fairly good sized outboards ranging from 75HP to over 150HP and that’s more than enough to pull your kids or friends fast enough on the water to get their jaws dropping. Imagine the look on your kids face when you ask them if they want to go out on the pontoon for a while and they see the ropes and water tube on the front deck of the pontoon. We’re talking instant excitement and anticipation. The great thing about water sport accessories like knee boards, wake boards and water tubes is they’re really not that expensive. A few hundred bucks and you’re kids and you’re neighbor’s kids plus your nieces and nephews are having the time of their life behind your pontoon boat. In almost no time at all you and your pontoon go from a position of obscurity to the most popular pair in the neighborhood.

Marine electronics is yet another area of pontoon accessories or boating accessories you can consider more. We talked about fish finders earlier, but there’s more. A GPS navigation system can help you to keep track of where you started, where you’re at and where you need to go. On smaller lakes or ponds, it may not be essential, but on larger water ways, lakes and inlets it’s more needed than you may think. When pontoon boating or in any type of boat, being out of the water can be more disorienting that you realize. A shoreline with coves, tips and bays can easily disorient the average pontoon boater and even an experienced boater as well. And if you’re thinking about a gift for your pontoon boating hubby, then a GPS system is a great choice and will surely put a smile on his face.

And yet another category of pontoon accessories to share with you today is camping accessories for the not-so-average pontoon boater. Many larger inland lakes have beautiful islands that many boaters take their pontoon boat to for a day of swimming and fun. But in addition, if you have the right pontoon accessories including camping gear, coolers, sleeping bags, lanterns and a few cooking utensils you can make it a pontoon boating overnight excursion. Kids love to camp out, cook hotdogs and s’mores over a campfire. Just image the looks on their faces when you tell them they’re going on an overnighter, camping on an island. Now, that’s the best of the best. Pontoon accessory camping gear is just a bit different than your typical camping gear. Tents, coolers, lanterns, etc. are generally more compact and waterproof. And if it’s not completely waterproof, then the storage bag usually is. Compact barbecue grills just perfect for the beach are available including mid-sized coolers with built in stereo’s and speakers to set the stage for the day’s beach front party. So, just imagine… you anchor your pontoon right on the beach and tie it off to a nearby tree just to be sure. Tents pop up quick and soon a camp fire is almost ready to light with beach chairs nearby. Someone set’s up a volley ball net and the cooler with the stereo and speakers starts to rock. Now, that’s the kind of camping I’m talking about!







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