Boat seats – recover them yourself – why not?

Pontoon boat seats need replaced from time to time. The constant exposure to the water, especially salt water if you are on the ocean, and sun, will break down the vinyl seats. They ... Continue Reading →

Buying boat furniture can be fun

Pontoon furniture can be as inexpensive as you want – or as luxurious as you want. If you want to go to the nearby boat store, you can pick up or order boat seats, benches, tables ... Continue Reading →

Master boat builder’s plans for you

An expert boat builder, Martin Reid, has plans that will let you build your own pontoon boat.   Martin says that you consider many things before you start a project like this:   First: ... Continue Reading →

An honest review

My Boat Plans has loads of great plans on how to build wooden boats of all kinds. From row boats, canoes, houseboats, yachts, and – pontoon boat plans – over 500 different boat ... Continue Reading →

A great set of downloadable plans

Plans4Boats, is a set of boat plans for loads of different kinds of boats. The package was created by Daniel Holden and is one of the most popular downloadable boat plans packages you ... Continue Reading →

One cool boat builder

Daniel Holden is a master boat builder from Denmark. For over 20 years, he has been building boats. Whether you want to build a small boat, a pontoon boat or a complex houseboat, you ... Continue Reading →

Boat plans are easier than you think

Don’t tackle trying to build a pontoon boat without the right pontoon boat plans. Though you might think because it is a flat boat, without a lot of frills – you can build it without ... Continue Reading →

Boat covers – an important consideration

All pontoon boats are a specific design. A deck is built on top of two cylindrical pontoons. The purpose of the pontoon boat determines the sizes of the pontoons and deck. The plan ... Continue Reading →
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