You Can Build a Pontoon Boat

When I started looking for a pontoon boat, I found myself buried in information overload! There were so many plans and designs available. Then I decided to check out whether I could actually build my own.


Of course, the boat dealers pretty much told me that it was not an option. That a home-made pontoon boat was simply out of the question. I found out it just wasn’t true.


If I wanted to build a pontoon boat, I certainly could. So, I started looking in places other than boat dealers. Boating magazines offered some

pontoon boat
Click Here for Pontoon Boat Plans

possibilities but where I was surprised was when I found the online packages – with plans and designs for building a pontoon boat.


I plunked down my money and was very excited that the package had detailed instructions, materials lists and several different pontoon designs to choose from. There were different sizes, ideas on how to customize the boat and directions on how to add special details to it that suited our personalities.


The pontoon boat plans that were included were not just sketches; they were tried and true boat plans that worked. After all, who wants to go to the trouble of building a boat to only find out that it doesn’t function like a boat? My friends all knew I was working on the pontoon boat and we couldn’t wait for that first party on the deck.


It was everything we thought it could be!


I loved finding out that I could build a pontoon boat. I was so excited when I took my materials list to pick up the items I would need. Some things had to be purchased at a boat supply store. Some things are not available at your neighborhood hardware store… not when you’re building a boat.


I also got to pick up a few new tools, which was a bonus.


The pontoon boat that I built will last for a long time. I’ve even been looking at some of the other projects, maybe a small fishing boat would be fun to have too.


There are two options for boat plans on the internet, both full of downloadable plans.


We chose the one that happens to be number one online, but the second and third ones are a good option for many people too.


For the Number One Ted’s Woodworking plans – Including boat plans – online Click Here Now

For the Number Two boat plans – Plan4Boats – online Click Here

If you Number Three boat plans My Boat Plans –  Click Here

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